The Do Over

From the time she first stepped onto the starting blocks, Karlyn Pipes seemed destined for Olympic medals, Wheaties boxes, and greatness. Brimming with talent and coached by two-time Olympic gold medalist Mike Troy, she had the potential to be the best. But unable to keep up with the expectations, she turned her back on the sport and replaced the liquid of the pool with that of the bottle.

Karlyn eventually found herself in a destructive free fall that not only derailed her swimming career but very nearly took her life. At thirty-one, in the darkest hours of her disease, Karlyn found the courage, strength, and resilience to turn her life around. She returned to the source of her pain and her pleasure--the water. She returned to heal. Today Karlyn is one of the most accomplished competitive swimmers in the world.

The Do-Over is an inspiring story about recovery, hope, and second chances. Candid, compelling, and insightful, this is a beneath-the-surface look at a remarkable, odds-defying comeback--not just in the pool, but in life.

Karlyn’s inspiring comeback story will motivate people of all ages to face their personal challenges, open themselves to new possibilities, and pursue their greatest dreams.

Dara Torres, Five-Time Olympic Swimmer

The “Do-Over” is a beautiful and inspirational journey of struggle, hope, grit, passion and faith. Diving into the depths of alcoholism, ascending the heights to recovery and labouring the path of super-achievement, Karlyn’s story will hit you in the heart. A truly moving read.

Kelly Armatage, Therapist and Inventor of A.S.K. A Serenity Kit

Karlyn's journey as described in The Do-Over is a remarkable personal testimony. What she has been able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. What touched me is her unflinching candor and the detailed description of how far she fell and how far she's come back If you know anyone who deserves a 'do over' buy them this book.

John Naber, Olympic Champion and lntemational Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee