Forward Swim

Dan Waterman’s got a problem: a big, big problem.  The happily married, award-winning screenwriter and former competitive swimming champion wakes up one day lost and alone in the middle of the ocean.  Frightened, confused and amnesic, Dan wants nothing more than to find his way home.  A pod of sympathetic dolphins volunteers to help, and so begins a unique, compelling, unforgettable journey of self-discovery.  Man’s eternal quest for happiness and true love, the fine line between dreams and reality, the nature of truth versus fiction ― Forward Swim, a fantasy adventure novel for adults, is about a great many things.  But most of all, it’s about choosing to push toward the future instead of becoming incapacitated by the past.

"There is something wildly imaginative, wonderful, and compelling about Forward Swim. Tito Morales creates a truly original fantasy world where the lines of dream, thought, and discovery meld. His stories of childhood swimming memories are hilarious, and fun. For anyone who loves the feeling of being suspended by the water, you’ll love the way Morales suspends your beliefs and takes you on a life changing adventure. It’s a great, fun, and memorable read! In many ways his work reminds one of John Irving."

Lynne Cox, Swimming to Antarctica